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Monsoon lets loose mayhem in many parts of India
This year the rain gods have been more than indulgent on the subcontinent. While this spells good news for crops, incessant rains have created havoc many parts of the country.

At least 27 people died across Gujarat in the last 48 hours in several rain related incidents with news coming in of nine of the total 202 dams and reservoirs in the state having filled to capacity.

National Weather Forecasting Centre chief Brahma Prakash Yadav has predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, West Bengal, parts of Gujarat and Konkan-Goa belt in the coming days.
From once-a-year review to regular performance engagements at Accenture India
Accenture India will soon join the rest of the global firm in scrapping annual performance reviews and rankings. The company is shifting from the once-a-year review to regular engagement and conversations about performance and growth.

The new policy will be rolled out across the organisation in FY16. Accenture follows a September-August fiscal year.

Accenture has 336,000 people worldwide and over 100,000 in India. The objective of the new system is to focus on the achievements and talents of each employee.
J&K youths to be trained for jobs in Tata, Reliance and other companies
Under a special scheme called Udaan, at least 7,000 youths from Jammu and Kashmir will soon be trained for various skills. This training will be useful for them to get absorbed in reputed companies like Tata, Reliance and others.

This central government sponsored scheme has been launched to enhance the employability of 40,000 unemployed youths of the state who are graduates and post graduates to get jobs in top companies.

The youths with graduate and post graduate degrees will be picked from across the state, including militancy-prone towns like Sopore.
SBI seeks to share 3% of profits with its employees as incentive
In an attempt to draw top talent, State Bank of India is seeking the government's permission to dole out up to 3 per cent of its annual profits to staff in incentives.

The state-run giant wants to take up this initiative in order to attract good talent that normally makes a beeline for private sector behemoths such as ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

State Bank of India also plans to give stock options to employees above the rank of assistant/deputy general manager, hoping that it will help retain talent and improve performance.
Buying things on phone is simpler now, courtesy 'Purchases on Google'
Now buy whatever you want straight from Google with its new feature 'Purchases on Google'.

'Purchases on Google' will help you cut out the middle man in mobile e-commerce and let Google handle the whole transaction.

Since the search company already has your credit card and address on file as part of your Google account, it can just pass on that information - securely, of course. All you need to do is tap the ad when you search, and then choose "checkout" rather than go on to the shop itself.
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