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Sustainable farming in Mozambique
At Mozambique’s Mount Gorongosa, farmers are being encouraged to grow coffee in the shades of hardwood, such as bananas, pineapples, etc., that is planted for every 2.5 acres of coffee cultivation so as to provide shade to the crop for it to thrive. A sustainable mosaic of cultivation and natural forest is envisioned, as the falling foliages from the hardwood cultivation provides fertilizer for the coffee plantation. Designed to help hundreds of families in and around Mount Gorongosa, the coffee project is supported by Carr's foundation, the Norwegian government and the Global Environment Facility, a group of 183 countries, international institutions and other entities. The annual budget is expected to expand to between $1 million and $2 million.
A sponge for urban waste
Researchers from University of Seville in Spain evaluated two types of phyllosilicates that can help soak up pollutants found in urban waste water in less than 24 hours. Phyllosilicates are a subclass of silicates and include common mineral in very different environments. The results show that the material C18-Mica-4 is capable of eliminating the majority of pollutants that were evaluated in urban waste water, as well as surface water and potable water. The study also provides data on the adsorption mechanism and establishes a significant correlation between the physical chemical properties of the selected criteria and emerging pollutants and the adsorption to the material.
Throwing antibiotics in garbage is giving rise to superbugs?
The general habit of throwing unused or expired antibiotics, painkillers and other medicines in garbage is giving rise to infections and superbugs in India that are hard to cure. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) scientists conducted a study that found that large quantities of medicines are flowing into river, giving rise to superbugs that most antibiotics cannot kill. The drugs are coming back into the food chain through milk, vegetables and other agricultural produce.
Wipro has a multi-year contract with Falck
The Bengaluru-headquartered software services exporter, Wipro has bagged a multi-year business process services and finance transformation contract from Denmark-based Falck. So, as part of the contract, Wipro would help transform Falck’s finance operations and establish a scalable and efficient finance operating model. Falck is an international supplier of ambulance services, employee health care and roadside assistance. Wipro, has been present in the Nordic region for more than a decade and works with customers across the healthcare, manufacturing, energy, natural resources, utilities, financial services, telecom and retail industry verticals. With this contract it would leverage its proprietary digital simplification platform and expertise in robotics process automation and cognitive intelligence.
Autonomy on its way for IIM
Followed by months of discussion the premier business schools, IIMs have finally got the go-ahead to become autonomous. The rules for implementing the IIM Act, 2017, are likely to be notified this month, unambiguously affirming the autonomy of the premier business schools. The IIM rules will follow the complete autonomy template pitched by the PMO with the government staying away from key roles on selection and removal of the chairperson and director, fee regulation, student intake, institute expansion and any other overriding powers that the HRD ministry has mostly retained over other institutes.
RIL the most valued firm in India
Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has surpassed India’s biggest software services firm Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) to become the country’s most valued firm in terms of market capitalisation—a first since April. Data from the BSE showed RIL has a market cap of ₹ 7.46 trillion, after its shares rose 2.4% on the BSE to record high of ₹ 1177.80. TCS, at ₹ 1930 per share, was valued at ₹ 7.39 trillion.
Alexa gets smarter
Users of Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa can now teach the app local Indian languages such as, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi.  The e-commerce giant announced this new skill aimed at improving Alexa's speech recognition. At present, Alexa engages with users in English like its competitors such as Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. Amazon said the process of creating new languages for Alexa benefits from advances in data availability, computing power, and a subset of artificial intelligence called machine learning. Cleo has been built by a team of linguists and data scientists and has already helped improve Alexa's understanding of languages such as French.
A decline in social media users
There has been a drop in the appetite for signing up for social media services among people in recent times.  Snap, the maker of the Snapchat app, said it lost three million daily active users in the second quarter from earlier this year. It was the first time since the company went public in early 2017 that it had reported a decline in users and may be hitting a wall to adding new users. The trend looks the same for Facebook and Twitter as well. Facebook revealed late last month that its number of users in the United States was flat from earlier this year and that its users in Europe had fallen over the same period, even though its total number of members had grown. And Twitter, which has struggled for years to increase interest in its platform, also said in late July that its monthly active users had decreased by one million from earlier this year.